Top Three RPA Vendors

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Top Three RPA Vendors

The benefits are implementing Robotic Process Automation are being discussed by many of the organizations currently as they have seen the improvements in efficiency at many of the places they have already been implemented. However there are many different vendors who are leading in this space and how does one go about selecting the tool right suited for their requirements. One of the easiest way is to follow the popular offerings as they have already proven their worth to a certain extent and it makes it safer to go with a proven tool. Here we present the top three RPA tool vendors and a brief about each of them. Leading the pack is UiPath.

UiPath is the fastest growing of the top three RPA vendors. Starting out in Romania they spend many years perfecting their tools which were not initially intended as RPA tools. They have invested a lot of effort into developing a technically strong set of tools. Coming from a Microsoft background you can see a lot of reliance on Microsoft tools. They have made it very simple to use their tool and the wealth of information available for any one to start learning is immense. You can find a lot of learning resources in UiPath RPA Academy. One of the most important advantages of UiPath is the free to use community edition which can be easily downloaded and used by any starter very easily. It is a very good approach to try out the tool and understand the power of using RPA in your organization. The main advantage of UiPath is it is very easy even for a novice to use their tools and other add ons like Orchestrator makes it easy to control the robots developed using the UiPath studio.

Automation Anywhere comes as the second most popular vendor of RPA tools. Just like UiPath Automation Anywhere as well has attracted significant capital investment in the recent period. They have already proven with their successful implementations in some of the core industries like financial services. Following closely behind UiPath in the number of customer acquisitions Automation Anywhere proves that they are serious contender to consider. The Automation Anywhere University gives a whole range of courses to choose from with free and paid options to fine tune ones knowledge of the market leading tool. Automation Anywhere has also recently started offering a free community edition for small businesses, developers and students. This has been a major area where UiPath was ahead of Automation Anywhere in creating a wide user community. The new offering from Automation Anywhere will up the competition between the two providers. This is apart from the 30 day Free trial of the full version which Automation Anywhere offers just like UiPath who offers a trial of their full version for enterprises.

One of the pioneers of the RPA industry and was once the undisputed leader of the RPA spectrum. Today Blue Prism still commands leadership in niche segments like in anti money laundering in financial services for example. Blue Prism by virtue of being one of the early entrants into the RPA ecosystem has developed mature partner ecosystems and has one of best certification programs in the industry. The Blue Prism Resources gives a lot of insights by way of case studies and videos and other material to closely understand the capabilities of the tool.

We hope you have an easy time identifying the best suited tool for your specific requirements as each tool has it's own strengths. Keep watching our space for more information. Get to read more of our blogs at our blog space